Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Father

Olivia is at the age where she does EVERYTHING I do. If I sneeze, she pretends to sneeze...if I put my hands in my pockets, she shoves her hands in hers too...and whatever I say she does her best to repeat. Although it can be a little tiresome, it is pretty adorable and is quite a compliment to me as her mom. Nothing makes me feel more loved than to have her try to be like me.
Yesterday I came across this verse,"Just as a father has compassion on His children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him" Ps 103 (fear meaning to regard)
So many people hold a view of God that makes Him appear angry and distant. They hold more anxiety about God than love. Sadly this fear was fostered by the anger and distance of their earthly father. This is the view that satan wants us to have though. He wants us to be afraid of God and hold back our hearts from loving Him and being loved perfectly.
People often say that they would come to God more easily if they could get their lives "together" first. The sad thing is that without God, we CAN'T get it "together". God is the only Healer for our soul, Rescuer for our hearts, and source of perfect and unconditional Love. He is waiting for us to come to Him regardless of how long it's been since we read our Bibles or prayed for someone other than ourselves. And this is what really struck me. When Olivia disobeys me or ignores the instructions I'm attempting to give her, it doesn't lessen the joy I feel when she reaches out for me. I love her for who she is...good trates and bad one too. I love Olivia with an imperfect human love. It's the best I can give so long as we live here in an imperfect world. Even still, my love for her doesn't change when she's doesn't change when she forgets the things I've told her...and it doesn't make me wish I hadn't been given her as my daughter. Now, revisit the verse from Ps 103. God likens His love for us to that of a human father. The picture that we get is of our Heavenly Father smiling adoringly as we read His word, help others around us, and attempt to be like Him. I think He also smiles as we make mistakes and fall into the very hole we dug for someone else to trip in. He knows our weaknesses and adores us anyway! Does it make His heart sad when we sin? Of course, but it doesn't change the joy He feels about us. Nor does it change how eager He is to spend time with us.
So, put away your fears dear friend and come to Jesus just as you are. He delights in His children even more than we could imagine. Run to Him and you will find nothing less than wide open arms.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blessing Those in Need

I know I have been pretty slack in the blogging department lately. It has been all I can do to keep myself from losing the contents of my stomach ever since we found out I am pregnant. I was pretty sick with Olivia and am taking this as a good sign although I am ready to move on to another good sign as soon as possible...maybe feeling the baby kick or something? :)
Anyway, due to my state of constant nausea, I have had cancer patients on my heart alot lately. During chemo they feel the same sick stomach that I do...often MUCH worse. Rather than the hope of a baby coming in nine months, they are left with a simple hope that the chemo/radiation works. A dear friend of mine seems to be losing this battle. He will try one more round of chemo and if his body can't take it, he will go home within three months.
So where am I going with all this? Often when we feel sick or suffer something physically, it can seem pointless and like a waste of our time. It slows us down and gets in the way of our plans. However, when we take the time to pray for those around us that are experiencing the same thing or even worse, God redeems our time and blesses someone else. Along with prayer, reach out to that person you've got on your heart. Often a meal, a card, or the offer to come and listen can be the very encouragement that person needs to keep going. A friend of mine's sister volunteered at a hospital that housed newborn crack babies. Her only job was to sit and hold the babies...lavishing them with love and words of affection. Sounds like something Jesus would do! We live in a world with sickness and pain...often right down the street from us. Let's reach out and bless someone!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A few weeks ago I sang a song in church for my dad. It's a song written by Cindy Morgan titled "How Could I Ask for More". The words highlight the daily blessings in life such as the greeting of daylight and the comfort of the moon...changes in season and relationships...even the blessings that come out of hard circumstances. It hit me very deeply. I am currently pregnant with our fourth baby. When Brian and I were engaged and the topic of children came up (and it did often) we always said that we wanted four kids. After having Olivia we were even more sure of it since we found even more joy in parenting than we could have dreamed. As I was singing the song, it really hit me that although life has turned out far different than what I had planned...God has given us four children. One here to physically hug and kiss, two waiting for us in heaven with Jesus, and one cradled inside my womb. How could I ask for more?